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2016 Sampling

Five grab samples were collected nearby the adit and the old trench in November, 2016. Grab sample FO16-05 returned 1.47% Co and 1.47 g/t Au, as well as anomalous values in Nickel (0.5%) and Palladium (0.436ppm). This sample was taken on the quartz-carbonate vein wall and is also characterized with high arsenic content (4.58%). Description and assays of samples below:

Sample Description Co ppm/% Au ppm Cu ppm Ni ppm Pd ppm As ppm
FO16-01 Fine grained, black rock and quartz with traces of sulphides (chalcopyrite) 33 0.034 41.4 33.5 <0.001 9.4
FO16-02 White, quartz vein 1.2 0.001 5.1 2.8 <0.001 6.5
FO16-03 Dark green, fine to medium grained metagabbro 47.2 0.002 57.3 79.5 <0.001 35
FO16-04 Gray, fine grained limestone 48.9 0.001 48.3 89.2 <0.001 13.6
FO16-05 Metagabbro with acicular actinolite and quartz-carbonates (brownish ankerite), (Figure 3) 1.47% 1.73 475 5040 0.436 4.58%
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