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LWIR Survey

A long-wave infrared survey was conducted on the property by DIRT Exploration with highlights including:

  • Gold mineralization at Clone is associated with hematite and sulphide structures. "Hematite and Alunite KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6, produced by the weathering of sulphide-bearing felsic rocks, have distinct LWIR fingerprints and may be mapped along with other associated minerals such as calcite and chlorite." (DIRT, 2018)
  • A large anomaly interpreted as related to alunite alteration is located on the newly staked claims approximately 900 meters southwest of the Glory Minfile prospect. A grab sample from a quartz vein on the Glory prospected assayed 1.15 per cent copper (% Cu), 24.2 grams per tonne silver (Ag g/t) and 0.38 gram per tonne gold (Au g/t) (Assessment Report 24745). This will be a high priority target for further investigation in the summer field program.
  • Another large anomaly interpreted as alunite alteration, covering approximately 50% of claim CloneSE 1 (272 ha), is located approximately 3.6 kilometers south of the Clone Main Zone. It trends off the property to the southwest, which has recently been staked by the Company
  • An anomaly interpreted as attributed hematite alteration is located approximately 1.4 km north-west of the Clone Main Zone and extends in a southwesterly direction for over 5.4 kilometers
  • The LIWR survey also distinguishes ice cover, and in the Port 19 prospect area, there has been significant receding of the glaciers, representing a highly prospective target. Previous (1994, Assessment Report 23986) quartz-sulphide veins were mapped with the sulphides comprising pyrite and arsenopyrite. Four samples over 40 meters strike length returned an average of 6.03 g/t Au and 14.7 g/t Ag. In total 17 samples were taken in 1994 with average grade of 2.99 g/t Au and a range from 0.05 g/t to 10.66 g/t Au. Much of the sampling was at the ice line in 1994. Additional prospecting, mapping and sampling is warranted, and represents a high priority target for 2018 field season.
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